Ok, I’m in love with this thing…

5 Sep

Now when I first saw this I thought 1960’s but ScultzeWORKS doesn’t think so, this is their throwback to the 1950’s Philco Predicta.  This computer is a sleek modern take on it’s predecessor, I personally prefer the latter and still think of the 1960’s but it’s ok, I really just like to look at it and for good reason…   Anyway, this computer has Windows 7 (or does it?) and was created by Dave Schultze, the owner of ScultzeWORKS design studio for a competition. “The competition was sponsored by ASGVIS, makers of V-Ray for Rhino, the 3D rendering technology for the Rhino  modeling software used to create the project”,  sadly it placed third among it’s competitors, however it’s first in my heart so I thought I’d share.  You can read more about Philco Predicto at http://www.schultzeworks.com, oh yeah while you are there tell Dave I said thanks for the memories.

Images are property of SchultzeWORKS.com

Why do I feel the sudden urge to drive? VROOOOM!!!!!!

#wheretheydothatat? #myfirstlove #sadbuttrue #techie #iamamillionyearslate

– Computer Kiss


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